Small Traditions LLC Auction Rules

Our auction closing procedure has changed. All auctions now end according to a hard closing at precisely 11pm PST or 2am EST. There is no more 15-minute rule and no more extended bidding. The auction will end abruptly, so please be sure to enter your final bids before this time, and please consider placing maximum bids to avoid disapointment. Importantly, if you are already winning a lot, placing a maximum bid on top of your already winning bid will not increase the current bid amount.

1. Registration

If you are not a registered bidder, please complete the online registration form, and you will then be granted full bidding and account privileges after we have taken a moment to review your registration. To avoid any delays, please complete the online registration form as completely as possible. You may write NA for any sections that do not apply to you, but a valid email address is required for our auction and invoice system to function properly. You will be emailed at this address when you bid in our auctions, and we will occasionally email you at this address with links to interesting hobby resources. We pledge not to fill your inbox with junkmail, but we do aim to keep you connected with courteous and relevant emails, friendly reminders, and opportunities for access to quality information. If at any time you forget your login information, you may retrieve your Bidder ID (or user name) and/or your Password by clicking the links at the bottom of the My Account sign-in page. You may also call us at 303.832.1975 with any questions or suggestions.

2. Buyer's Premium

A 19.0% buyer's premium will be applied to all payments made with cash, cashier's check, personal check, or money order, and the buyer's premium for all payments made via PayPal is now 21.9%. 

3. Shipping & Handling Fees:

At Small Traditions LLC we pledge to use the fastest, safest and most cost effective means for shipping all lots. For most purchases, we will use United States Postal Service Priority (2-3 day) Flat Rate options, according to the following schedule, and we will combine as many items per box as is safely possible. In certain scenarios, we reserve the right to ship multiple boxes, which will be charged accordingly. Larger items, like multiple sets, cases, framed items, etc., will ship via FedEx ground for $40 to $80. These shipping charges will be added before we send email invoices following the end of each auction, and alternate shipping is available, upon request. Finally, all shipping rates below include a $2 signature confirmation fee, and all shipments must also include an insurance charge of $1 per every $100 in value.  

          $3.75 USPS Double Bubble Mailer for 1 to 3 single graded cards

          $9.75 USPS Flat Rate Priority Small Box for 1 to 5 single graded cards

          $9.75 USPS Flat Rate Priority Envelope for 1 to 5 flat items no larger than 8x11 

          $15.75 USPS Flat Rate Priority Medium Box for 6 to 60 graded cards, 1 to 6 balls, groups, or other small items

          $19.75 USPS Flat Rate Priority Large Box for 60 to 100 graded cards, 6 to 10 balls, or 2-3 binders

          $40.00 to $80.00 FedEx Ground for multiple sets, cases, large framed flats, and other large items or orders

          INSURANCE: $1.00 per every $100.00 in value 

4. Auction Closing: All Auctions Now Close at 11:00pm PST (2:00am EST)

Due to strong customer feedback and changing industry practices, Small Traditions LLC Auctions now end according to a "hard closing" time of 11:00pm PST or 2:00am EST.

5. Maximum Bids

We recommend bidders leave maximum bids in order to avoid disapointment. If a bidder places a maximum bid on top of his/her winning straight bid, the current bid price will not change.

6. Telephone Bids

Online bidding is strongly encouraged, but telephone bidding is another option, when available, at 303.832.1975. Telephone bidding is available to all registered bidders on auction night, and it is also available during regular business hours prior to auction night.

7. Bid Retractions

Bid retractions are not permitted. All bids are final. Once a bid is placed, it cannot be retracted.

8. Bid Increments, Straight Bids & Max Bids

Bidding increments to be as follows:

$10 to $10,000 = 10% of the current high bid

$10,000 & Up = 5% of the current high bid

A Straight Bid increases the current bid according to these increments, although Max Bids can be placed in excess of the next Straight Bid, but still according to the above bidding increment schedule. Small Traditions LLC reserves the right to refuse any or all bids for any reason. The Small Traditions LLC record of final sale shall be conclusive. 

9. Item Descriptions, Population Report Data & Enhanced Picture Options

All items at Small Traditions are described to the best of our ability and using population report data that is current as of the day of the item description's composition. We write our descriptions up to two months in advance of our auctions, and population figures change on a daily basis, so please confirm all population report data for yourself by visiting either,, or to consult their free population reports. Our pictures are always true images (never stock photos) representing the exact item(s) on which you are bidding. You may enlarge our pictures by clicking on them once, and then you may enlarge them again (super-size them) by clicking either the small white icon in the lower right corner or the looking glass icon at the top of each enlarged photo.

Note Regarding Population Report Data: We intentionally incorporate as much population report data as possible into our titles and descriptions in order to provide our customers and other collectors with a future record of population report data as it existed at different points within the past.

10. Payment Is Due within 14 Days of Notification of Lots Won

Email invoices will be sent to all auction winners at the conclusion of each auction. Hard copy invoices will only be sent to bidders who do not have an email address on file with Small Traditions, or to those customers who request them directly. Payment instructions will also be included with all invoices. Invoices are payable upon receipt with payment due no later than two weeks from the invoice date. Payments may be paid in cash, cashier's check, money order, PayPal (but at PayPal's cost of 2.9%), wire transfer, or personal check. Any returned checks will incur a $30.00 fee. No credit cards will be accepted for payment by Small Traditions, but credit cards may be processed for payment through PayPal.

11. Penalties, Interest Fees & Legal Fees For Late & Non Payments

In the event of a late or non payment, the bidder agrees to pay all of the auctioneer's reasonable attorney's fees and costs involved in the collection of funds, plus a 2.5% interest rate compounded per month, charged to the original invoice amount and starting from the original purchase date, regardless of any partial balances paid, until the date that all funds have been collected in full. The jurisdiction for any litigation shall be in the State of Colorado, or the Federal District Court of Colorado, at the discretion of Small Traditions LLC. 

12. Sales Tax

Residents of the State of Colorado must add the 6% state sales tax or supply a valid resale number when registering. 

13. Returns

Since we are primarily a seller of third-party graded and authenticated collectibles, all sales are final, and no returns shall be accepted.

14. Authenticity & Condition of Professionally Graded Items

At Small Traditions LLC, we are very proud to offer the highest quality authentic collectibles that have passed the scrutiny of the industry's leading third-party grading services, including PSA, PSA/DNA, SGC, BGS, and JSA, among others. Please refer to each firm's website for a thorough description of each firm's grading scales and standards, and please keep in mind that grading is a subjective and imperfect process and that different graders and different grading firms will invariably disagree over particular items, and so the same numerical grade for that item cannot be guaranteed from one firm to the next. In the extremely rare instance, however, that a counterfeit or altered item has been erroneously graded as authentic and/or unaltered by one of these respected firms, or by any other qualified industry expert, and there is clearly no evidence of tampering or of other potential fraud, Small Traditions LLC will waive our no-return policy, and we will work with both our customer and the grading service of the item in question to fully refund our customer and to help the grading service keep the markets for the products it grades and authenticates as clean and trusted as possible.

15. Authenticity & Condition of Raw or Ungraded Items

Although we are primarily a seller of third-party graded and authenticated collectibles, Small Traditions will occasionally sell "raw" or ungraded items. In such instances, we strive for as thorough and accurate of disclosure as is possible by providing multiple high resolution scans as well as our own professional opinions, using industry-standard condition terminology along with profesional and accurate descriptions.

16. A Note About Autograph Authenticity

Because of the high cost of authenticating autographs, which in many cases exceed the value of the autographs, Small Traditions will often sell autographs that have not been reviewed by either PSA/DNA or JSA. However, we stand behind any and all items we list in our auctions with a full money back guarantee plus a $10 bidding credit in the unlikely event that an item we sell is later deemed unauthentic.  

17. An Important Note About Multiple Accounts & Responsible Bidding

Small Traditions LLC expressly prohibits its consignors from using alternative bidding accounts, whether fabricated or real, to drive up the bidding on their consigned items, and any consignor who can be proven to have manipulated the bids on his or her consigned items may forfeit those items to Small Traditions LLC. Our registered user base is our most valuable asset, and we work diligently to maintain its integrity, but we also strongly encourage all bidders to bid as responsibly as possible, in single-bid increments within their spending limits, so as to completely avoid any confusion with or suspicion of the bidding process. 

18. Acceptance of Terms

Placing a bid in any Small Traditions LLC auction on constitues acceptance of the above terms and the registered user's contractual agreement to these tems.