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Consign to our Premium Auctions at 0%

Our hallmark service, list your treasured collectibles in our premium auctions for no fee whatsoever. That's right! Our consignors keep 100% of the final bids placed on their items. Submit previously graded or authenticated cards and memorabilia, or take advantage of our popular Cost-Free Grading and Collection Management services described below. Call 303.832.1975 or write to breathe some new life into your old collections today. Schedule an appointment at our office in the Cherry Creek North business district of Denver, and let us treat you to a burger at the famous Cherry Cricket next store, or schedule an obligation-free, in-home visit. We are very happy to travel to you. It's the best part of our job!


Grade up to 500 Cards without Spending a Penny Out-of-Pocket

Submit up to 500 of your best "raw" or ungraded cards to our headquarters in Denver, and we'll do all the work for you. We'll appraise and filter your cards for legitimate grading candidates, using our background in education to thoroughly explain the many details and challenges of the grading process and to provide a reasonable groundwork for your expectations. We'll sort and prepare your cards into the appropriate grading submission service levels. We'll verify and communicate the results, working our best to ensure your complete understanding of the outcome in order to meet or exceed your expectations. Best of all, we'll pay all the expensive grading fees up front, subtracting them at discounted rates only after your successful auction sales. Certified third-party grading is an expensive and delicate process that typically adds multiple factors of value to properly handled and selected cards. Don't sell your collection for a quarter of its potential value, and don't throw away money by mishandling your cards. Let the experience of Small Traditions, LLC work for you.


Grade & Auction Your Entire Collection for as Little as 10-20%

Our Collection Management service is a consultation and asset liquidation program aimed at maximizing the sales value of larger groups of cards and collectibles, while still providing the benefit of not paying a single penny out-of-pocket. Whether you have 1,000 baseball or other sports cards or 100,000 Pokemon or Garbage Pail Kids, Small Traditions will travel to you and provide a free consultation and free appraisal of your collection. We'll use our background in education to thoroughly explain the many details and challenges of the grading process and the rapidly growing and changing market for cards and collectibles. We'll complete all the important and delicate work of grading, and we'll pay for all the expensive grading fees up front, subtracting them at discounted rates only after your successful auction sales. Instead of selling your collection for less than its potential market valuesometimes far less, as most dealers will usually pay 40-60% of book value for cash dealswe'll organize your entire collection, identify the best candidates for grading, pay for and auction the graded cards, and then sell the leftovers in detailed groups. This extremely labor intensive process typically increases the values of the collections with which we work by multiple factors. Instead of earning just $25,000 for your collection, we'll work hard to earn you $50,000 to $100,000, or more, all for a modest flat fee of just 10-20%, depending on the size and nature of the collection. If you are truly looking to maximize the value of your collection, there is no better deal in the hobby, period. 


Open round the clock, we welcome you to a completely reimagined and reinvented Small Traditions Store, where consignors can now list their best items for free, long before we later "flip" them to our auction or realize a direct sale. Once listed in our store, we will further promote your items in complimentary Buy-It-Now eBay listings using our highest-rated, two-decade old selling account so that the whole world may know about your items. We invite you to consider the STs Store as a free online home for treasured items from your personal collection. All we require are high-resolution images along with prices that you set. Items remain in your possession, and should a sale occur, our fee is a modest 10%.

When using the following form, please provide both an email and a phone number at which we can reach you. Please also be as specific as possible regarding the years, brands, and conditions of your material, and we'll contact you as soon as we can.

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