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Frequently Asked Questions

When/how will I receive my auction/store winnings?

At STs, we pride ourselves in the speed and security with which we process and ship purchases. Both auction and store orders typically ship within 0-1 days of cleared payments but may take up to one week or longer. All orders ship via insured USPS Priority Flat Rate and First Class options according to the shipping and handling schedule listed in our Rules section. Alternate carriers such as FedEx may be arranged, especially for larger packages. All orders are packaged and handled with deliberate care.

When/how will I receive my consignment settlement?

For sold store and auction items, consignment settlements are processed within 30-45 business days of the end of the particular month's auction in which the items sold. Additionally, consignments that are sold over several months' auctions will not be settled until all items have been auctioned and paid. We are not eBay, and we strongly discourage the short-term "flipping" mentality that dominates there. All consignment settlements are paid with hologram-secured business checks provided by J.P. Morgan Chase. ChasePay for payments under $5,000 is an option for Chase customers, as is PayPal, though we will not pay any fees and cannot send friend and family payments.

Is selling on Small Traditions really free?

Yes, selling in Small Traditions monthly auctions is completely free. The seller's fee at Small Traditions is 0% unless otherwise arranged, which means that sellers receive 100% of the final bids placed on their items.

Is grading with PSA & BGS through STs really free?

Actually, no. Small Traditions is happy to pay our consignors' grading and authentication fees up front, but we later deduct those fees from our consignors' auction proceeds. However, not only do we do all the delicate work of handling and preparing our consignors' graded card and autograph submissions, as well as pay all the expensive associated shipping and insurance charges, but we are also pleased to charge significantly discounted grading and authentication fees thanks to the vast bulk quantity provided by you, our most valuable asset.

How is Small Traditions like eBay?

Small Traditions is like eBay in that it is an online auction website with an associated online store filled with over-priced Buy-It-Now listings.

How is Small Traditions not like eBay?

Small Traditions is the polar opposite of eBay in several ways. First, we charge our buyers instead of our sellers to participate in our auctions. Second, we allow our buyers two weeks to pay instead of two days. Third, our payment process takes considerably longer than the 8 days allowed by eBay before opening a non-paying bidder alert. Fourth, Small Traditions is exactly what our name suggest, a small business. In short, Small Traditions does not promote the short-term "flipping" mentality of eBay. Before any sales take place, we take our time getting to know our customers and their material, using our expertise and discretion to determine if the value of their material will increase after professional third-party certification, and then listing and ultimately shipping it for them, and we simply ask of them the same patience on the other end of the sale. If you're looking to make a quick flip, Small Traditions is not for you.

Who runs Small Traditions and what are their qualifications?

Dave Thorn founded Small Traditions in 2010 after working for several years in the auction industry as the head writer for one of the hobby's first and most enduring auction catalog companies.

Important Auction Dates

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#57: Sun 2/18Winter Premium Sat 3/03
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#59: Sun 6/17Summer Premium Sat 6/30
#60: Sun 8/19Summer Classic Sat 9/01
#61: Sun 10/21 Fall Classic Sat 11/03
#62: Sun 11/25 Holiday Premium Sat 12/08

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